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V315 Butt Fusion Machine | Brief

Presentation | RIYANG


V1200 Butt Fusion Machine With Crane |

Operation Demonstration | RIYANG


V630cnc Butt Fusion Machine |

Operation Demonstration | RIYANG

V Model Basic Butt Fusion Machine | Operation

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V500 (8"-20") Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine(v500

(8 "-20") Máquina Hidráulica De Termofusión) |


V160m Manual Butt Fusion Machine | Brief

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V315 Butt Fusion Machine | RIYANG


V800 Butt Fusion Machine | RIYANG


V Series Stock Show | RIYANG

V315 Butt Fusion Machine | RIYANG

(Spanish)v630cnc Equipo De Termofusion |

Demostración | RIYANG


(Spanish)Máquina De Termofusión Básica

Modelo V | Demostración De La Operación |




(Spanish)Termofusion V315 | Breve

Presentación | RIYANG


(Spanish)Máquina De Termofusión




How could we select the right equipment for our project?
How long should it take to make a fusion joint?
How much temperature on the heater surface needed to butt fuse the pipes?
Why the heater surface temperature is different from that shown on the digital temperature control?
How much material should be faced from the pipe end before melting?
What should we do after facing the pipe ends?

Riyang could offer a variety of pipe fusion machine size up to 3000mm O.D. And each machine has the model number that indicates the maximum pipe size it can fuse. For example, butt fusion machine V630 could fuse maximum pipe 630mm O.D., and from the specification chart, you could always find the minimum size it can fuse. If you have specific requirements for your projects, please consult with Riyang sales.

How could we calculate the soaking time?
How could we calculate the cooling time?
After welding, could we lay down the jointed pipes on the ground for cooling process?
What is the power needed for Riyang pipe fusion equipment?
If the pipes are not properly aligned, what should we do?
What is the “drag pressure”?
How could we measure the “drag pressure”?

The proper soaking time varies depending on the pipe material, pipe diameter and wall thickness. You could always find the soaking time from Riyang operation manual for polyethylene welding machine.